This patented device hastens snow sliding off solar arrays, and thereby increases the production of solar energy in the winter months. The passive device attaches to the panel and is one of those simple “why didn’t I think of that” types of innovation.

While the device is simple, significant research and testing went into refining the product to achieve a 2% to 4% increase in annual production output. Moreover, this production boost comes during times when overall solar generation is decreasing.

After two years of testing in a variety of locations and microclimates, and upon completion of a United States Department of Energy commercialization grant, we are excited to deploy this proprietary technology to PV arrays across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Snow Shedder


Solar technologies are constantly evolving and innovation is happening every day. Most all solar developments are now capable of increasing output since installation, offering an enhanced ROI on your original investment. By utilizing our over 40+ combined years of real-world experience along with data-backed analytics from your site, RunTime solar will consistently optimize your solar development giving you the absolute best output possible.

RunTime Solar’s team includes 6 full-time solar technicians, supervisors, managers, and support staff that will work hard to optimize the performance of your renewable generation assets and help achieve your financial goals.



RunTime Solar offers retrofitting of existing systems to upgrade them to modern standards of safety and performance. Solar inverter technology has improved greatly in both safety and efficiency over the past decade as the industry has moved from large, grounded, transformer-based solar inverters to today’s smaller, ungrounded, transformer-less inverters that provide increased reliability through both design and features. Similarly, digital communications have evolved in today’s connected world. There are now numerous innovative solar monitoring devices that have become a critical piece of solar asset management and optimization.

We offer communications improvements that place old, antiquated systems under RunTime Solar management and performance optimization. Along with enhanced data monitoring our services include such strategies as re-stringing and/or replacing modules and module-level power electronics where appropriate.

Rutland Cedardale


To optimize PV system performance, RunTimeSolar offers a combination of testing diagnostics, analytics, and corresponding physical adjustments to system operation. This includes the use of devices and software designed to maximize production such as IV Curve Tracing to check for production bottlenecks, PVSyst to model performance and optional upgrades including string layout, and Excel analysis to review performance under actual weather conditions. With this knowledge across all aspects of PV operation, we can ensure that your PV system is set up to operate at its maximum capability.

iv Tracking Curve
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Stop running sub-optimal solar arrays and increase your ROI by partnering with New England’s solar management professionals. Contact us to learn more.